Post-Award Toolkit

The post-award team is committed to supporting the COEHS research community with professional expertise and quality customer service in the management of externally funded projects. In supporting COEHS staff and faculty engaged in sponsored research activity, we strive to ensure transparency and compliance with all stakeholders.

We often are asked what is the difference between the research support team (RST) and the fiscal shared services (FSS), and the answer is the source of the funding. The easiest way to tell is to look at your index number. If it says 356XXX then you will send your requests to, and if the index is any other number contact

Here are a few things we can help you with regarding managing your award. Click the option to find the link or to learn more:

Use For

  • Prior Approval for Travel
  • Travel Requests (accommodations paid by UNM)
  • Travel reimbursement
    • Forms
      • Prior Approval for Travel email (Req’d)

Use For

  • Prior purchasing approvals for out of pocket expenses
  • Purchasing Goods
  • Paying for professional services (Consultants)
  • Event Support Request
  • Purchasing reimbursement
    • Forms
      • Prior Approval Form out of pocket expenses (Req’d)

Use for

  • Faculty Requests
    • New Faculty Hire
    • Non Standard Payment
    • Summer Research
    • Course Buyout
  • Staff Requests
    • New Staff Hire
    • Staff FTE Change
    • Staff Salary Redistribution
    • End Staff appointment
  • Graduate Students Requests
    • New Assistantship
    • Extend Assistantship
    • Terminate Assistantship
  • Undergraduate Requests
    • New Undergraduate hire
    • Undergraduate extension
    • Undergraduate termination

Expected Transaction Times

Transaction Type

Submit to COEHS Post Award by

Transaction will be Entered within

Estimated time to payment from transaction entered date

Purchasing Goods Request

14 days prior to needed date

3-5 Business Days

7-10 business days

Purchasing Travel with UNM P-card

30 days prior to travel

7-10 business days

Reservations will be available immediately upon payment by post award

Event Request

30 days prior to event date

7-10 business days

Event will be available by final payment date

Reimbursements for goods

Max 80 days after purchase

7-10 business days

14 days after Post award enters transaction

Travel reimbursement

Max 80 days after return date

7-10 business days

14 days after Post award enters transaction


60 days prior to payment

7-10 Business days

4-8 weeks after entered by Post award

Faculty Non Standard Payments

60 days prior

7-10 business days

Last day of month if entered by the 15 th, last day of the following month if entered later

Course Buyout

30 days prior to semester

7-10 business days


Graduate Assistantship Contracts

30 Days prior to start date

7-10 business days

20 days after submission by post award

All New Hires

90 days prior to start

Depends on employment type

Depends on employment type

Termination Request

30 days prior to end date

3-5 business days aligning to employment area policies and procedures

End Date

*****June/July is peak times for post award. Please be aware that delays may occur due to high volume of closeouts and new awards.

Post award Open Meetings

Request monthly UNM My reports

Coming August 2023


Coming November 2023

Staff Leave Request

Coming August 2023

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proposal support

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How do I submit an Early Alert?

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