Enhancing Early Childhood Instruction to Support Children's Self-Regulation, Executive Functioning, and Readiness to Learn (years 2 - 4)

PI: Matthew E. Lemberger-Truelove, Associate Professor, Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education

Co PI: David J. Atencio, Associate Professor, Department of Individual, Family, and Community Education
Co PI: Kira J. Carbonneau, Educational Leadership, Sport Science and Educational/Counseling Psychology; Washington State University
Co Investigator: Almut Zieher, Educational Psychology, University of New Mexico
Co Investigator: Alfredo Palacios, Counselor Education, University of New Mexico

Total Award: $181,000
Project Period: 8/1/16 through 7/21/17

Dr. Lemberger-Truelove

Dr. Matthew E. Lemberger-Truelove

The early childhood literature is generally clear and consistent in identifying factors associated with childhood and later life successes.  Unfortunately, most of the factors are derived from studies that simply describe successful children’s characteristics and not necessarily how such characteristics can be cultivated through early childhood education practices.  More troubling yet, even fewer studies consider how to best serve children from depressed circumstances.  To this end, the researchers of the proposed multi-year project strive to accomplish each of the following goals: 1) Construct, deliver, and evaluate an early childhood education intervention in an ethnically diverse, economically challenged early childhood school setting. Additionally, the researchers will test the relevance and effectiveness of existing and original assessment instruments as pertinent to childhood outcomes; 2) Building off of the findings from goal 1, the researchers will construct, deliver, and evaluate professional development (PD) activities as each might contribute to improved early childhood education practices and related child outcomes; and 3) Provide clear and transferable recommendations to improve early childhood training, practice, and policy.

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